Clutter and disorganization around the office costs some organizations well over $65,000 a year, according to the Professional Organizers of Canada. 

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Well Being & Peace Of Mind

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What We Do

Harmony's training program was designed to help even the most disorganised people to be more efficient by organising their physical & digital workspace so that they can find what they are looking for faster. 

A study done by the National Association of Professional Organizers showed that being organized will save you 60 minutes a day.


Imagine how efficient you would be if you could find all the things that you were looking for, and didn’t get distracted?

How We Work With You

Our virtual keynotes and 1-4 hour workshops are delivered via Zoom or a platform of your choice. That way we can reach your people wherever they are, at an ideal time, and for much less cost than meeting in person.


We offer follow up one-on-one coaching to help ensure follow-through. In addition, we can work with your organization to plan and prepare for a comprehensive virtual solution from start to finish.

Why Harmony?

Investing in your team's performance and being considerate of their well-being in the process is the fastest way to build a solid foundation for your company's long-term success.


Goodbye, stress! Hello, efficiency and peace of mind! 

Who Is This For?

Harmony is for anyone who would like to work from a clutter-free, organised and efficient space. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us for a complimentary half hour consultation so you can learn how we can help your team to make the most of their workspace and as a result feel lighter and more in control. 

Our Testimonials


Shane Borza

The tips, tricks, and tools that Harmony gives will transform, not only your work space, but also your life. While many of these are simple, they are deep, and extremely effective. If you are looking to up your calm, your productivity, or simply transform the look and feel of your workplace - do not hesitate to hire them. Highest possible recommendation.


Sarah Henry

I had the good fortune of attending a workshop that was co-hosted by Marianna Teudor of Harmony Corporate Workshops. Marianna is an expert with regard to personal and professional organization. During the workshop, she shared some incredibly helpful tips for organizing and color-coding desk space that I have since implemented to keep our home office more organized. I am grateful to Marianna for suggesting so many simple yet effective tweaks that are helping us to stay on top of our to-do lists. I highly recommend Harmony to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their current organizational system!


Margaux Brissiaud

Recently, I reached out to Marianna for help with my workflow / my organization. We started with my desk! I often times want to work with everything on it, everything open at the same time, which is often times more overwhelming than effective. She made me realize I do not need everything, she helped me categorize. Now, my desk breaths again... and I am much more productive. Soon after, I took one of her workshops with Tom on productivity; it brought me skills and knowledge I did not have. So happy to have met Marianna; I definitely recommend her and her work! She has a vibrant personality, and I love how passionate she is at what she does so well!


Alexia Hammal

Marianna radiates good energy and is very insightful when it comes to being productive with your time and space. If you have trouble with that and could benefit from some help harmonizing your life, I recommend her!


Tommy Acierno

Using the power of Zoom we were able to work together, 1:1, to finally revisit my office and begin to transform it into a place that enhances my workflow, creativity, and overall sense of calm. Her deep knowledge of effective workspace design combined with her powerful intuition made working with her very simple and easy. She's very flexible with her time and infinitely patient as we literally pulled my desk drawers apart, item by item, and created new homes for everything. I feel much better in my space now and highly recommend anyone who still feels new to working from home or is a seasoned pro at it, contact Marianna and see how she can help support you and your space.

Screenshot 2021-06-29 14.19.24.png

Stephanie Karam

I had the chance to meet Marianna and we quickly related ! Her dedication to her work is so inspiring and it allowed me to push and organize myself better! Definitely would recommend her ☺️ I learned so much from her! Une perle rare like We say in French! Talented young lady !

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