We Help Companies Increase Efficiency By Decreasing Clutter!

A tidy digital & physical workspace can improve your efficiency and help increase your company’s productivity as a whole.

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Working With Harmony Is Easy



We start with a discovery call to define the problem you’re trying to solve.


We choose skills that best solve the problem or combine them into a custom training program.



We choose the delivery method that best works for your context. I.e Online workshop, in person, etc. 


This workshop is aimed at companies who want to help their team members develop strong organising skills so they can work faster and more efficiently. 

This is NOT a passive “sit back and listen” workshop. It will require active participation.

Participants will learn from working through examples, helping each other in the exercises & actually organising & decluttering their physical & digital workspace for optimal results. 

Become a Better Team, Together.

According to Entrepreneur, a survey found that the average worker can waste up to $4,800 a year just trying to find something. Keeping your workspace tidy will help improve your efficiency and help increase your company’s productivity as a whole.


By the end of the workshop, participants can expect to benefit from:


  • Being clearer about where to find their digital & physical documents

  • Having a clear understanding of the organising process, and how to maintain a tidy workspace

  • Being able to make clear headed decisions

  • Feeling in control 

  • Lower cortisol levels

  • Increased ability to focus at a task due to less visual stimuli

Cost Effective & Accessible

There’s a lot you can do with teams who can’t physically be together! Harmony's training program is offered 100% online which makes it cost-effective and easily accessible to all your team members worldwide.

Integrates Easily With Any Digital Workspace

With the basic principles of organisation, your team will be able to create efficient organising systems to find their digital documents with more ease, which in turn can save them hours in lost productivity and frustration in the long run. 

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The results?

Experience a boost in performance, productivity, efficiency & employee morale!


POC found that 37% of working Canadians are likely to struggle with time management, with 82% of those describing themselves as “extremely” disorganized.

Hear It from Our Customers

“ Her deep knowledge of effective workspace design combined with her powerful intuition made working with her very simple and easy. She's very flexible with her time and infinitely patient as we literally pulled my desk drawers apart, item by item, and created new homes for everything. I feel much better in my space now and highly recommend anyone who still feels new to working from home or is a seasoned pro at it, contact Marianna and see how she can help support you and your space.”

Tommy Acierno

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 


Efficiency &


Help Save Time & Money


Information Easily Accessible 


 Employee Retention & Moral

With the Right Training, Everything Is Possible

Marianna Teudor | Harmony Corporate Training Programs

About The Founder

''IF You Don't Own Your Space, Your Spaces Owns You!''

- MARIANNA TEUDOR, Productivity Expert

With over 17 years of experience in organization & a background in business administration. Marianna Teudor, decided to combine her expertise and talents to develop a fool-proof workshop designed to help even the most disorganized person create an effective digital & physical workspace to operate from.


Marianna's excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for teaching pointed her directly towards working with fast forward-thinking companies that see value in helping their employees develop solid organizing skills to perform better, and feel more in control. 



Her training program was developed back in 2020, during a worldwide pandemic as she found millions of remote workers struggling to maintain the same levels of productivity when working from home due to accumulated clutter, poor workflow, and little to no organizing skills.  

Her solution is offered 100% online, allowing every team member, no matter how far they are to benefit from learning a new life skill that will make their work lives easier. 

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